Friday, November 18, 2011

Take the Ten Word Story Challenge!

At yesterday's AASLH webinar on storytelling, I invited participants a ten word story challenge as a way of using our imaginations about the historic spaces that we share with our visitors.  What's a ten word story challenge?  At some point, it's said that Ernest Hemingway was challenged by a friend to write a story in ten words--he responded with a story in only six.  His story?
                        For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Many of the participants in the webinar had wonderful responses when I asked them for a ten word story about the image shown at the top of this post.  The responses had a sense of drama, of excitement, that is often not found in historic house interpretation.  Here are just a few of the responses:

The dog passed, the lamp went dark.  No one ever ate in this room again.   
Answered an ad to go to the prairie as a bride.
The house is still; mourners are in the parlour.
Mother left. The children found her dog.
Yikes! Empty space on wall!  Out looking for another picture.
Awoke. Snuck off. Had fun. With who?
A quiet man had lunch. 
After the earthquake the lamp eventually stopped swinging.
The light was lit, they led them into the hall.

 Take the challenge--what's your story of this place?


Anonymous said...

It wasn't the same without him.

Anne W. Ackerson said...

My ten word response to these submissions:

Love it. Gets to the heart. That's what it's about.

Jamie said...

Blue walls. Many lamps. Anything to keep the dark away.

Linda said...

Thanks for your was fun thing to do with everyone...maybe I'll try a couple more images soon to see what other great ideas are out there.

Anonymous said...

Waiting in guest room so doctor can see her alone.

Linda said...

Thanks for one more story! Hope there's some more out there...

Michael G. O’Connell said...

He appeared out of nowhere. “Quick, what year is it?”