Sunday, November 9, 2014

Need a Mentor? Round 3 Coming Up

Update:  Applications for 2015 are open!  Here's the details.

Wonder what's next in your career?  Want an ear that's not your officemate or your spouse?  Want to think about bigger issues in the field?  Want to gain a little experience blogging?  If any of these are the case, this is just a quick reminder to keep an eye out for my annual mentor announcement, to come by early December.  This will be my third year; and the two previous years have brought me great, amazing conversations with new colleagues.

Who will be eligible?  Pretty much anyone.  You can be at any stage in your career, and you can be anywhere.  All that's needed is a commitment to a monthly Skype conversation and a willingness to think hard about what concerns you.

Stay tuned!

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Monica Montgomery said...

Yay! I am so looking forward to this. I regard your book like the bible of Museum practice and I have shared it with several of my staff and collaborators.

I am definitely in need of some next level mentorship. Is it possible you can email me, when this opportunity opens up. I happened to catch the message on Linked In, but im not always as tuned in to that medium. My email is :

Thank you for sewing your brilliance into the atmosphere.

Monica O. Montgomery
Museum Anarchist & Creative Placemaker
Action Director, LatimerNOW @ Lewis Latimer Historic House Museum