Saturday, March 15, 2014

Creatively Speaking: Out and About in April

It's hard to think about April, when winter still seems in full force outside my window.  But Uncataloged readers and creative museum folks will have a few opportunities in April, to sit down for a cup of coffee with me and creative colleagues, in real or virtual spaces.

Leading into the month, on April 1 the Take 5 gang will be exhibitors at the annual Museum Association of New York conference in Albany.  I'll have books for sale (at a special discount) and of course, stop by for your free creativity tattoo.

On Friday, April 4, 10 AM,  I'll be discussing Creativity in Museum Practice on Carol Bossert's online radio show, The Museum Life streamed live.  I hope you'll tune in (or listen afterwards).  If you've got a particular issue you'd like to explore, just share in the comments below.

And then, on Wednesday, April 30,  from noon-1:00 PM, Rainey Tisdale and I will be presenting a Lunch with NEMA webinar.  We'll explore how you can enhance your own creative practice,  how you can make your organization more creative (no matter where you are on the organizational chart), and share some ideas about how the museum field as a whole can be more creative--and what that might mean for our communities and ourselves.   This is a great, free opportunity to connect with us and your colleagues from your desk, over your sandwich and tea.  You can register here.

Rainey and I have been hearing from some of our colleagues about how they're using Creativity in Museum Practice.  One colleague is taking time at lunch each day to read a bit of this and Anne Ackerson and Joan Baldwin's book,  Leadership Matters.  Another has set aside some staff meeting time to talk about some of the ideas; and yet a consulting colleague gifted it to a client.  Have you begin reading and sharing?  Do tell us about it!

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Michelle Moon said...

I've got a crew at PEM signed up to join the webinar over a brown-bag lunch. Looking forward to it!