Thursday, August 6, 2009

Invention at Play Follow-Up

I had an email from Monica Smith, Exhibition Program Manager at the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center at the National Museum of American History concerning my blog post about non-working exhibit elements there. A number of the elements I mentioned have already been addressed, and an amazing 3.5 million visitors have seen the exhibit since it opened in November, 2008. That visitation number presents incredible maintenance challenges and I very much appreciate Monica taking the time to provide feedback to the blog post.

In a conversation this week, someone asked if I gave museums an advance preview when I wrote about them on my blog. I usually don't, but have found that most museums find the post, probably through an RSS feed and my Google Analytics often show that a number of people from a single institution read a post about their institution.

I'm always happy when other museum-goers, staff at a particular institution, or the field in general take the time to comment, expand on my thoughts, ask more questions or disagree. Feedback is great!

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