Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I Learned in Ukraine 5: There's Someone Out There

Remember that old Carl Sagan project where they tried to figure out what language and symbols to send into outer space? That's it above. That's sort of what I feel like when I write blog entries. I always knew that I had some readers (Hi Mom!) but really, until I figured out how to install Google Analytics, I had no idea who, or if anyone, read my blog.

But now I know. During my four months in Ukraine I had readers from more than 75 countries--from Argentina to the United Arab Emirates and everywhere in between. As far as I can tell, people found this in all kinds of ways--some from links like blogs of friends and colleagues Anne Ackerson and Susie Wilkenning; others from museum bloggers in places like Portugal and Germany. Yet more from places like globalvoicesonline or museumblogs. Others of you, I believe, are part of the large and active Ukrainian diaspora, particularly in the US and Canada.

Many of you landed through search queries. Lots of you wanted to know about Chernobyl today, but the other searches that sent readers to here were incredibly varied. Like what? For instance, here's some search terms that led you to the uncataloged museum:
  • interesting place of donetsk
  • why do museums collect
  • boring houses
  • commerce or conscience
  • sidewalk museum
  • boring historic site
  • crusty artifacts
  • family traditions in ukrainian village
  • the best museum in Ukraine I have ever visited
So what did I learn? (although I know I'll continue to learn much more from and about Ukraine, this is my final post on the topic) I learned that you never know--you never know what you'll learn, and in museums or on the web, you never know who you'll connect with. And for all my Ukrainian colleagues, keep reading and I'll see you next year!


Centers and Squares said...

I am totally hooked on checking the statistics on my blog. I haven't installed google yet but check my sitemeter account first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and just before I sign off at night. I probably shouldn't admit that - it sounds slightly unhinged! It's just so interesting to see how people stumble upon things, to see the connections you would never have anticipated, to see what holds people's attention, etc. Great fun and useful too.


Linda Norris said...

I agree--love those statistics--but just out of curiousity, how did you end up here?